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How long does it take to complete my order?

It normally takes four to six weeks to complete your order. This lead time is critical if your cabinets are going into a new home.

How much will a kitchen or other project cost?

Kitchens and bath vanities are priced by the running foot. Final cost will depend on the type of wood, treatment, door style and finish selected. Installation is priced separately. For a project “Quick Quote”, click here. (see Quick Quote)

Will Cabinet Haus install my new kitchen or bath?

Yes. Our price quote includes the installation charge. There is no delivery charge for furniture delivered within 25 miles of our shop, but any cabinetry requiring installation will incur a delivery fee.

Does Cabinet Haus do demolition work and tear out to prepare for new cabinets?

Only in the immediate area. We can often refer you to a reputable contractor in your area, so please call if you need assistance.

I have a general contractor building my home. Can I still use Cabinet Haus?

Of course! Let your contractor know your intentions. In fact, have them call and visit with us. They too will be impressed with our quality.

What is the difference in ‘job-built’ cabinets versus Cabinet Haus cabinets?

There are three main differences:

  • Our shop has a competitive edge when it comes to machinery, compared to that of a trim carpenter building on site. We design and create quality work that a trim carpenter can only dream about. For example, a trim carpenter will normally nail the cabinet frames and you will always see the nail hole. We use no nails in our building process.
  • We have a climate and sterile controlled paint shop for finishing, compared to painters who finish cabinets on site. That’s a huge quality difference.
  • We have design capabilities unavailable to on-site builders. Design and Quality go hand in hand.

Is any of your furniture or cabinetry made using particle board?

NO – Never. That’s what sets our products apart from what you will find at any large home improvement store. We don’t compromise on quality.

Can I purchase your cabinets or furniture unfinished?

You can, but we discourage it. We have professional finishing staff working in a controlled environment finishing booth. On site finishing can’t possibly compare with the quality and finishing options available at Cabinet Haus.

Can I tour the Cabinet Haus facility?

You most certainly can. Just call in advance and we’ll be glad to give you a tour.

Does Cabinet Haus do counter tops?

Yes, we have reputable subcontractors that can handle all your counter top needs.

Does Cabinet Haus carry cabinet knobs and pulls?

Yes, we carry a full line of knobs and pulls.

What kind of hinges do you use?

Our standard hinge is the Blum Euro fully concealed hinge.

What kind of drawer slides do you use?

We use either a full extension side mount or a full extension under mount – the choice is yours.

Does Cabinet Haus accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept Visa, American Express, Master Card and Discover Card.

What are the terms of payment?

We require a 10% deposit to schedule the job. We then require an additional 40% payment when we begin the work, and the remainder is due at the time of installation.

How far from Weimar will you go to install a kitchen?

We will go anywhere in the State of Texas to install a kitchen. We will also deliver furniture anywhere in the state, but will charge a trip fee based on mileage from Weimar. We primarily serve Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Victoria, LaGrange, Columbus, Sealy, Katy and surrounding areas.